Ram Media Group is a digital marketing agency that specializes in maximizing marketing ROI and measuring content effectiveness. Using a multitude of marketing services, fueled by measurable results, we help to leverage custom quantitative reporting to derive simple and powerful insights that can be applied to your digital marketing initiatives.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics Consulting is custom-tailored to provide meaningful data to help you make more informed decisions. We factor in your unique business goals to configure your account, providing easy access to performance data and build your confidence in online marketing decisions.

Google Analytics Consulting

Adobe Analytics 

Don't worry you aren't alone. 90% of users aren't utilizing SiteCatalyst to its potential or are too overwhelmed to even use it. If you are ready for improved decision making, we can help you simplify your experience and properly setup this industry-leading analytics tool to ensure you are getting the value out if it that you paid for.

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Website Usability

Ever wanted to know more about user interactions than just clicks and pageviews? We work to bring you videos of user interactions as well as mouse tracking software to gain insights at the single user interaction level. Website Usability is all about analyzing the effect of the website design on user behavior. 

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